ESSENS Unique Set 03

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ESSENS Unique Set 03

Set contains:

  • Men Unique Perfume 50ml
  • Men Luxury Unique Shower Gel 200ml
  • Cosmetic Bag Black

Men Unique perfume 03 - 50 ml Totally unique among men's perfumes. Full of dazzling woody tones for true lovers of luxury.

  • Top note: cologne
  • Middle note: jasmine
  • Base note: wood, sandalwood, patchouli, ambergris, oud

Luxury shower gel Unique 200 ml This shower gel contains a combination of the finest ingredients that creates a rich foam when bathing. Thanks to this, even the most sensitive skin is perfectly cleansed and gently cared for. The gels are dermatologically tested, optimal for all skin types, and everyday use. Premium ingredient Olivem® forms a liquid crystal structure within the emulsion which has a dominating influence on the skin for easy absorption and intense hydrating effects. Patented substance LAMESOFT®, derived from coconut and sunflower oil, provides fine and effective washing abilities and an easy rinse finish. In addition to its hydrating properties, Glycerine has been shown to have a positive effect on skin cells, on the skin’s surface and creates a protecting barrier to shield the skin.